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Surviving The Storms: The Strong Willed Child

Surviving The Storms: The Strong Willed Child

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 We've all witnessed first-hand the sparks that strong-willed children can create: fits at the supermarket, the blatant refusal to cooperate at home, or their uncanny ability to create havoc in the most peaceful places.  They're a force to be reckoned with and to win, parents need not only nerves of steel, but sound parenting skills to remain in control. And most importantly, a sound mind to guide the child through the stormy waters to become well-adjusted, successful adults.

Why do my children get angry?
What happens if anger is left unchecked?
When should I ignore it and what should I do about out-of-control anger?

Surviving the Storms: The Strong-Willed Child & Child Anger will help dispel the mystery that surrounds managing strong personalities, giving parents and children the necessary distinctions to channel their frustration and anger into positive, productive energy.
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