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Brian Burgess
(M.Ed Admin, M.Guid./Coun)
Sally Burgess
(N.Z.R.N, BA Health Studies)

     Family experts Brian and Sally Burgess are co-founders of Forefront Families LLC.  They are passionate about equipping parents to raise extraordinary kids - kids who are confident, happy, successful, respectful, loyal and positive contributors to their family and school.  Brian and Sally’s ultimate goal is to see children raised to be positive role models within their own families and contributors to the community around them.

     As a school administrator, Brian has attracted media attention and been recognized internationally by school boards, justice personnel, social welfare agencies and fellow educators for his outstanding leadership, and for the rehabilitative programs he has developed in both New Zealand and the U.S. for teens suspended or expelled from public schools.

     If you were to visit one of Brian’s schools over the last 20 years, you’d see students regularly coming by to show him their latest improved grade or to talk to him about their personal or family struggles.

“Brian always has time for the kids and listens to them.  While he is firm and consistent in his discipline, Brian is also generous and caring with the students, and the students love him for it.” -  Patricia Estes, School Resource Officer (SRO) – Resident Police Officer.

“Truth be told, says Brian, “hundreds of thousands of parents are frustrated and confused about the best way to raise their children.  They love their kids and want only the best for them, but they lack one crucial thing: practical know-how.  They often say that because they have ‘made so many mistakes’ they feel it is just too late to change the patterns of behavior that have developed in their families over the years.  It is never too late to make a positive change within a family.”

Forefront Families agrees with the philosophy that a healthy society is built upon healthy families where parents: 

• Establish strong family values
• Train their children to meet parental expectations
• Praise their children for a job well done
• Agree upon appropriate approaches to discipline
• Establish and maintain clear and consistent boundaries and consequences
• Are positive role models

     By achieving these goals parents can ensure a loving, happy, chaos-free environment for their kids to be raised in, a place where children can begin to fulfill their destinies.  One of Forefront Families’ major goals is for parents to feel confident in raising their children.

     Today, Brian and Sally continue to run seminars in the USA and New Zealand. They have developed a powerful website with huge amounts of free help for parents, and a blogsite containing many helpful parenting tips.  An Internet forum for parents has been included on the blogsite so that parents may enter into dialog with Forefront Families and others wanting to hone up their parenting skills. Brian and Sally are consultants to organizations desiring to make a difference in their community and have been training facilitators to expedite their programs.

     Brian has a rich educational background as a teacher, school administrator, community worker and author.  He has worked with families and troubled kids of all ages for decades.  This easily qualifies him to be one of the foremost child behavior experts today.  Sally’s background is equally diverse.  She is a parenting columnist, an author, writes training materials and has been a nurse and administrator in health education.  With their combined skills and passion for seeing kids and parents reach their true potential Brian and Sally’s goal is to empower parents to raise extraordinary kids.

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